Make It Count


Stuck in Doubt?

Lost Your Mojo?

Ruminating Thoughts?

You don't have the ConFidence to take Action? 


I See How This Turns Out... You Quit at the Life you believed in.  

I Help Women Who Have So Much Potential Stop Holding Themselves Back and Live the Life They Are Not In, YET!



Make It Count

Is a membership program to support you on your journey of living your life with loving purpose by beating stress, finding joy in your heart consistently by adopting a healthier mindset and gaining clarity of your gifts by improving psychological, emotional and physical health.


You will have at your finger tips some of the best strategies that can be applied immediately.

Practical Application

To support you in the following areas; mentally, emotionally, physically, environmentally, socially, and cognitively.

Learn to Apply

Your situation is unique and you will be able to take the learning and modify it to support your personal development.

There’s something inside of you… which you might not even be able to explain, an awareness, that inspires, drives you and knows you are here to do more, be more and love more.

Make It Count Membership

Online membership with monthly themes taught virtually online to support you in your life goals any time any where.

Attend live Q & A coaching to gain clarity, support your personal growth, and get answers to your questions.

We take small steps to make long term impact on your goals and dreams. They are doable and consistent so your live can be as well. 

""With Sonia Barker's coaching, we have learned better techniques for listening, supporting and validating our son's needs.""

Sonia Carlson
Registered Nurse

"Sonia pushes people to do more and to be who they deeply want to be, but are afraid to. She shows people how to put themselves first when necessary. "

Jamie Luzenski
Office Manager/Corporate Trainer

""I can honestly say that it was with Sonia’s help and guidance, over time, that I began to see and believe that I could finally make changes! Sonia has a true gift for helping others in so many ways. "

Gina Marinucci Gronlund

""Sonia sees beauty, strength, and possibilities in others that they may not see in themselves.""

Natalie Kallen Trabert
Organizational Development Consultant

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